Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alhamdulillah..3 years...and still counting ..:)

3 years back...11/12/09

It's been 3 years of our wedding!:)
3 years of wedding and soon to have 2 kids:P hee~

made with love by lovely husband :)

Dearest Husband ...:)

I knew i have had such a romantic,loving and caring husband. But i always always always demand more from you.Sigh..Human..will never satisfied of what they had. *Agreed?*  It's been 3 years of our marriage and 10 years of our friendship and love, sayang...:) *Yup, he is my bestfriend, my lover and yet he is my husband:) 3 in 1! :) And you always be by my side even when I am at my worst, you still love me. I thank Allah every night for you (which sometimes i always cried *sebak* ).  Like today I completely forgot to made you a card for this Very Special Day for us,but you on the other hand give me a lovely handmade card (like you always did since we become friends:) ), and I just wanted you to know that I didnt forget or do I take you for granted(actually memang nak buat tapi takde bahan kat rumah ni:P *alasannn*). I Love You more than I ever have, and I want the world to know that :)  I want everyone to know that i have had such an Amazingly Wonderful Husband , and that I would go through it all again to have what I have now. Happy Anniversary Sayang.., I Love You More Than words can say! InsyaAllah, we will together forever till Jannah :)



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nadia said...

cantikkk ain! :)
hap[y anniversary dear! thank you sudi singgah blog nadia. salam kenal ain. :) alang2, nadia terus follow ain ye.