Thursday, April 5, 2012

berapa banyak gula dalam minuman anda?

 interesting ni, sebab tu aku copied and share. source from laurafarago'sfb


 Dr. Tim Mathew, Kidney Health Australia's Medical Director, said research in the US had shown that one soft drink or sweet juice each day AT ANY AGE was associated with an 80% increase in the risk of acquiring diabetes in females. It's really all about choices.

‎"The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison." - Dr. Ann Wigmore, ND/ What is your "WHY" in life? Is it driving you everyday to be the best you and to live by utilizing every second of time you are blessed to have? Are you doing what you truly love? Why Not? Are you sacrificing your own personal health to help others? Are you aware that if you take better care of your health, you can be there for and help more people if that is what drives you. Without your health you have nothing and you miss out on so much, by creating the wrong memories spent in hospital and ER's when you should be living life and creating memories that make other realize that they want that too!!! WAKE UP, stop feeling sorry for yourself, because at some point others will stop feeling sorry for you to. Start living the life you were truly meant for. You can't get yesterday back, you can damn well make toady spectacular with the amazing people that love you for you and how they feel having you in their lives and make tomorrow EPIC!

p/s: aku memang kurang suka minum air manis2 ni lagi2 air gas. kalau buat air untuk 1 mug, letak gula sikit sangat. guna hujung sudu je.tak sampai suku pun.sebab aku tak suka minum air manis2. tapi suka makan kek. kek pon guna banyak gula...ish2,takleh makan kek selalu ni...korang buat air lak, 1 mug air,guna brapa sudu?cuba share...

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